1.     What is the zoning of the building I intend to lease?

2.     Will my lease use be acceptable and/or have any restrictions?

3.     Is my use of the building similar to the past tenant’s, and if not, will my planned use be a potential “change in use” from the city’s perspective (lots of potential issues is this is the case)?

4.     What sort of fire sprinkler protection does the building have, and will it affect my ability to store products?

5.     Will a permit be required for my occupancy?

6.     What is the timing of the permit process (usually takes 2 – 6 weeks to obtain), and any inspections required?

7.     Do I need to file for a certificate of occupancy permit, or provide any other information to the city about my lease?

8.     Do I have a holdover provision on my current lease?  If you are leaving a current building, make sure you have built in ample time for the move and any unforeseen delays.  

9.     Will a monitored fire alarm be required by the city where the building is located for my new lease?  Some city’s require this and a permit must be obtained for it.

10.   Will the landlord pay for the wiring of any of my equipment?  This may require a permit, and clarity is needed as to who is responsible for the permit and the work.

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