1. What do you know about the HVAC system? Where are the controls to govern the temperature within the suites, and who controls them? How does the sun affect individual suites within the building?
  2. What about snow? When does the company salt and plow and how many inches are needed before they come out for service? What time of day/night do they do their work?
  3. How long has the janitorial company been used at the building? What time do they service the suite and what are the specifications? Is there adequate insurance against theft?
  4. Is there an emergency evacuation plan?
  5. How are after-hours emergencies handled?
  6. How much parking does the building have? Is there any risk of not obtaining the spots necessary to accommodate your business?
  7. Does the building and suite meet ADA standards?
  8. Has a Phase 1 Environmental Study been done and are there any concerns?
  9. Are there any planned improvements to the building or renovations that may interfere with the quiet enjoyment of our suite?
  10. Are there any planned road improvements to the adjoining streets that may interfere with our building access?
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The Hooberman Companies
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